Volume : 14, Issue : 2



     1.   An overview of a Siddha poly herbal formulation Vayu Keelaga Ilagam


         Gohila M, Nalinisofia H, Mohan S.


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     2.  Padikaram (Alum)- A Unique drug and its Utilization  in Siddha Medicine: A Pharmacological review

             K Vignesh, S.J. Nivesh, K Saravanasingh, A.P. Uma

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    3.  Varma Treatment for  Bronchial Asthma along with Siddha  Medicine - A Single Case Study

             M. Subhathra

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      4. Therapeutic Role of Yoga in Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome(Pcos) – A Review


              NJQ Tharshanodayan, P Rohini

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