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Siddha Papers, an Online Journal (ISSN 0974-2522) comes to you from Walters' Siddha Research Private Limited (Formerly Bethesda CAM Research Center). This comes under Open Access Service which gives you 100% freely accessible fulltext. It is formed in order to serve as a platform for Siddha Doctors, Experts, Researchers, Students and for all who can contribute to the Scientific development of the Ancient Siddha Science.

Since its inception 2006, and being the First exclusive Siddha Journal with ISSN, 'Siddha Papers' is giving commendable service to the field of Siddha Medicine. We have so far published more than 300 from peer reviewed papers after review/evaluation by Editorial Committee or two assigned members of the committee.

Inclusion in Siddha Papers gives no assurance of any kind regarding the correctness or quality of the information. The Copyright of the article lie with the Authors.siddhapapers.com Submitted documents will be placed into the submission buffer and would become part of Siddha

The papers published in Siddha Papers are free to reproduce and distribute for non-commercial purposes provided the name of the Journal and Authors are given due credit.

Send your papers to siddhapapers@gmail.com and a copy to siddhawalter@gmail.com

For Corona Virus Rapid Publication Issue

March 2020 Issue

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Original Research Articles related to Siddha Medicine and Coronavirus are welcomed. We will publish it after a fast-phased peer review.

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