Volume : 12, Issue : 3

Independence Day Special Issue






1. Phytochemical and Anti-proliferative activity of KKPN a Siddha formulation for Cervical Cancer.


    Thomas M. Walter, C. Samuel Justin Raj, K. Swathi, V.S. Nandini, G. Sabari Devi, G. Sanjana, S. Merish. 


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2.  Antioxidant Potential, Antibacterial activity and Phytochemical Tests of Nithya Kalliyani (Catharanthus roseus)


     G. Femil Samuel, R.S. Shibinroosvelt, K. Jeba Nesam, M. Ligitha Priyadarshini, M. Thiruthani 


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3.  Analysis of Disease by Neerkuri and Neikuri


    S. Shanmuga Rubini, S. Stefina, M. Padmashini, K. Shrinidhi, S. Umera. 


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4. Acute toxicity study of Herbal formulation of "Avaraivithathi Chooranam" in Albino mice.


    U Balamanohary, S Uthayanan, A Manoharan 


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5. In-Vitro Cytotoxicity Activity  of Siddha Formulation Chanda Marutha Chendooram against Hela Cell line


    Rajagopal. N,  Essakkypandian. G  


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6.   A Review on Medicinal Benefits of Piper Longum

     G. Kiran, S. Umera, K. Balagurusamy Review



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7.   Siddhars’ Personalised Pre-treatment Modality for Microbiomic Drug Resistance Microbiomic Drug Resistance

     Thomas M. Walter, C. Samuel Justin Raj, K. Swathi, V.S. Nandini, G. Sabari Devi, G. Sanjana, S. Merish. 


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8.   Effect of Siddha Formulation Chembaruthiver Chooranam Chooranam on Female Wistar Rats with Estradiol Valerate induced Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


     A.Vanisri, S.Vigneshwari, A.Manoharan 


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9.   Hepatoprotective Activity of Siddha Formulation Kamalai Mathirai Mathiraiagainst Isoniazid and Rifampicin induced Hepatotoxicity in Animal Model

     Selvaraj. S, Essakkypandian. G


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10.Gynaecological Benefits of Anethum graveolens & Foeniculum vulgare

     S. Swathi,  R. Rohini Priya, K. Balagurusamy, S. Umera


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11. Anti Diabetic Activity of Naaval Kottai Mathirai In Wistar Albino Rats

     P. Benazeer Malhiya, A. Kingsly


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12.  Antidotes for Snake Bite according to the Siddha System of Medicine – a Review Snake Bite according to the Siddha System of Medicine – a Review


    Jency Risha. T, Thiruthani. M, Abdul Kader Jeylani. M.P, Chenthamarai Selvi. G 


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13. Phytopharmacological Review of Mucuna Pruriens 

      D. Gnanasekaran, K.Balagurusamy, S.Umera


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14.Review of Sesamum indicum with special reference to Siddha Medicine


     M. Ligitha priyadarshini, G. Femil samuel, K. Jebanesam, M. Thiruthani


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15.Analgesic Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Leaves of Nyctantes Arbor-Tristis linn

     B. Manikandan, T. Komalavalli, A. Manoharan


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16.A Review Article on Moongiluppu (Bamboo silica) in Field of AYUSH


       K. Jeba Nesam, G. Femil Samuel, M. Ligitha Priyadarshini

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17.Phytopharmacological Review of Tinospora Cordifolia Review of Tinospora Cordifolia

       K. Aathifa Anjum, D. Divya, R. Bakkialakshmi, K. Balagurusamy, S. Umera


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