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Volume : 10, Issue : 1


Golden Jubilee Special Issue


Table Of Contents


1. A Review on the Efficacy of Siddha Medicine in treating Anda Rogham (Hydrocele).


     M. Aruna Devi1, G. Kavitha1, L. Parwin1, K. Priyanka1, S. Sathiyavani1, S.Vigneshwari1.


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2. In-Vitro Anti- Proliferative Study Of A New Herbal Formulation For Treating       Breast Cancer.


    M. Tamizhamuthu1, S. Merish1, Thomas M. Walter2, R. Sweety Nirmala3


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3. In –Vitro Studies Of The Cyto Toxicity Effect Of A Poly Herbal Siddha Formulation In Breast Cancer Cells.


    C.Suvetha1, Thomas M.Walter2, R. Sweety Nirmala3


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4. In-vivo Anti- Inflammatory and Anti-Analgesic Studies on a Topical Siddha Herbal formulation for reducing Fever



    S. Merish1, Thomas M. Walter2, M. Tamizhamuthu1, R. Sweety Nirmala3


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5. Efficacy Of Siddha Medicine In Treating Lasuna Thaabitham (Tonsillitis) – A Review.



    Binthuja G Dharan1, M. Lilly Rosy1, K. Tabitha Esther1, Thomas M. Walter*


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6. A Review Of The Efficacy Of Siddha Medicines In Treating Piles And Fistula



    R. Venkatesh1, G. Dharuman2, S. Harish Titto3, M.Murali4


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7. A Promising Herbal topical formulation ‘PPP’ for treating Bedsores.



    Thomas M. Walter3*, R. Sweety Nirmala4, S. Merish1, M. Tamizhamuthu2


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8. The Therapeutic Role Of Sanga Thiravagam In Treating Anginal Pain- A Review­



     L. Jai Ganesh1, M. Vimalan2, I. Sundaraganesh3, S. Rajamani4, S. Merish5


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