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Volume : 10, Issue : 4


October Special Issue


Table of Contents 01.10.2015


1. A Review on Anti-hypertensive herbs in Siddha system


    Bavithra, V. Paheerathan

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2. A Single case study on the therapeutic effectiveness of Mukiamaderaspatna Linn (Roem) the management of Bronchial Asthma


    Thempamala C.R, Sivaganeshan.S, Varnakulendran.N, Shiyamala.V

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3. Pilot Study on the effectiveness of Avaraikattu on SanthiVarmaKayam (Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear)

    A. Vasanthmilton raj,  V. Anavarathan,   P. Samundeswari, D. Periyasami,    M.V. Mahadevan,  V. Mahalakshmi,  N.J. Muthukumar,  G.. Thiyagarajan

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4. SowbhagyaSundiLeghiyam – The Siddha Panacea for Postnatal Care


    RN Hema, R Bharathi, TS Shobana

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5. Siddha Medicinal herbs and effective formulations used in Indian martial art-Varma therapy

    G. Senthilvel, K. Ravi.

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