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Volume : 11, Issue : 1


World Siddha Day Special Issue


Table of Contents 14.04.2016


1. Role of tastes in treatment modalities of Siddha Science


    T.K. Bhavishya Haniya, J. Lavanya, R. Rasiga, V.S. Nandini, C. Samuel Justin raj, G.Vibinshiya, M.R. Sama Anjum, S. Merish, Thomas M. Walter.


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2. In-vitro Evaluation Of Wound Healing Assay Of New Herbal Formulation On Atopic Dermatitis - A Special Medicine For Children


    K.Vetrivel, Suvetha.C


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3. Pooraga - Ell – Visaimaaral Lumbar Disc Prolapse - A Case Study


    K. Elavarasan, M.A.Kanimozhi, N. Shunmugom


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4. In-Vitro wound healing activity of Herbal topical formulation on H9C2 Heart cells


     Thomas M. Walter, S. Merish


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5. A Pilot Study on Wound healing activity of Paathira  Saara Virana Poochu Thylam for Skin Ulcers


   C. Nithya prabha, M. Bhuvaneswari,  S.Kaniraja.


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6. Role Of Pugai (Fumigation) In Siddha System


    M. Dharani, J. Alamelu, K. Sabira Sherin, S. Merish, Thomas M. Walter


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7. Pathological review of Illaippu Noi (Tuberculosis) with respect to Siddha Medicine


     D. Sowmeeyha, S. Merish, Thomas M. Walter


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