Volume : 11, Issue : 2



World Siddha Day Special Issue



Table of Contents 15.08.2016



1. Uniqueness of Siddha Medicine in treating diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat


    J.Alamelu 1, M.Dharani1, K. Sabira sherin1, S.Merish2, Thomas M. Walter*


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2. Efficacy of Siddha herbs and medicines in Treating Vikkal (Hiccups)


    M. Lilly Rosy1, J. Abisha1, P. Sankarlatha1, S. Merish2. Dr. Thomas M. Walter*


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3. Management of Kaduppu Kazichal through Siddha Medicines- a review




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4. Research perspective of panchathuvarpi (five astringents) in Siddha medicine


    G.Sabari Devi


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5. Potency Of Padiga Linga Thuvar, A Herbo Mineral Siddha Drug In The Management Of Kazhitchal (Diarrhoea): A Drug Review


   R.Gnanasundari, Pon.Loganathan


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6. Review on Taste disorder – A Siddha Perspective


    R. Kalai Priya1, Thomas M.Walter*  S. Merish2.


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7. Evidence Based Siddha Medicines For Neerizhivu Noi (Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus) – A Review




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